FEATURE: PARCELS’ sultry EP will power you through winter

Pop/funk group Parcels’ recent EP is saturated with boozed up bass notes and sexy guitar riffs. Recommended for listeners of Glass Animals and Jungle, this article combines their release with the retro/funk sounds of Leisure and Men I Trust.  

1. Parcels | Hideout

Latest EP released January 2017

‘Hideout’ is an EP that emanates confidence. Clean cut and decisive, this is a piece full of contrasts with pop placed next to jazz; funk next to electronic, vintage next to contemporary. Originally from Australia, and based in Berlin, the band accumulate a variety of sounds that alternate track-to-track. From the upbeat and summery “Older” and the more beguiling “Gamesoffluck” it is left in the balance which way each song will take you.

2. Men I Trust | Lauren


Self-labelled ‘Indie/dance’ band from Quebec City are Men I Trust. Their single ‘Lauren’ dropped summer 2016. Stripping back the sound from the lead guitar there’s a concentration on the rise and fall of the bass line whilst Emma and Odile’s breathy vocals will almost literally take you outdoors, talking of “gentler breeze[s]” and “taller trees”. 

3. Leisure | Got It Bad

Leisure’s self-titled album | Released Autumn 2016

Dubbed as ‘Auckland’s new supergroup’, Leisure have attracted a spate of attention since the release of their debut album. Single, ‘Got It Bad’ is inescapably catchy with its gnarly looping of “girl you think you got it bad”. Give the music video a look in if you get the chance; these guys have a reputation for some pretty smooth visual imagery.

As always, these bands can be found on facebook, spotify, soundcloud etc, so head over if they’ve captured your interest: Parcels | Men I Trust | Leisure.


5 thoughts on “FEATURE: PARCELS’ sultry EP will power you through winter

  1. this is an awesome post, totally stumbled upon your blog and it’s a great read! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this music, haven’t heard this before, but I definitely have to now.

    What are other tracks that I should be getting into?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah thanks a lot Andrew, glad you like the page 😌
      If you’re looking for similar sounding stuff to Parcels and Men I Trust, it’s worth checking out:

      White Denim, Take It Easy

      Sports, You Are The Right One

      Her, Five Minutes

      If nothing here takes your fancy here, I’ve got some playlists up on Spotify: search Lily Draper, there’s plenty of psychedelic and laid back tunes up there as well.

      Hope this helps, enjoy!


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