MOGLII’S LATEST EP: This Summer Playlist’s Secret Ingredient

Get your head stuck in the clouds this summer; there’s an “explosion” in the world of ambient electronica happening. For lovers of Bonobo and Caribou, Moglii’s June EP Naboo is the unassuming creation needed to complete a summer playlist.

The German producer’s collaboration with vocalist Island Fox in Breathe manufactures a perfect balance between inertia and energy (think Maggie Rogers crossed with Four Tet). Whether you’re working or holidaying this summer, Moglii’s music allows the chance to live vicariously through it. It’s the repetition of synth and lyric, combined with a rising and falling song structure, that weave a dream-like state of mind. Simply put, this music will take you anywhere you would want to be this summer. Watch out especially for Girl and Tonic Water; the humming vocals of Ben Werchohlad should be enough to sway you in.

Hit the link to listen to more:





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